Could not be happier!!! Fast, friendly, professional. A 3-4 day job took 2 1/2 days and now my car looks better than new. I would recommend Dave Barber's to everyone. - Frank C.

They worked with my insurance company for my benefit, not the insurance company! The did a good job fixing my Ranger as good as new, and fast too! I've not had to bring the truck back for any reason - it was fixed right the first time! - Shawn L.

Excellent customer service. Very friendly and professional. Did the work perfectly and made my car look like new again in the time frame they said it would take. Definitely recommend!! - Todd F.

Came with hand prints in the paint coating that did not get off any more. They were curious and quickly figured out how to remove them without repainting everything. Told me what to buy (at Walmart), showed me how to use it and sent me home. Wow. Thanks a lot! - Simon B.

Did an excellent job on my car after I wrapped it around a pole, they also worked with my insurance. - Helga S.

I am so impressed with Dave Barber's. Really beautiful work, completed on time, and my car was clean and vacuumed when I picked it up. (It was sure not so clean when I left it with them!) The front office staff were courteous, friendly, professional, honest, and clearly have a good eye for detail and know their business well. There's no b.s. here - just great bodywork at a reasonable price. This is where I will be taking my car from now on. - Jenn D.

I was in a car accident and had to get some work done. The accident really sucked but the service at DB's was outstanding. Very courteous and great attention to detail. My Xterra looks awesome. What else can I say? I highly recommend these folks. - Joel S.

The customer service at Dave Barber's is EXCELLENT. We have had the misfortune of two vehicle accidents in Gainesville; but were lucky to find Barber's as one of the preferred service providers for our insurance company. After the first accident the staff at Barber's went above and beyond to help us show the insurance company that the vehicle was worth repairing vs. totaling, by reviewing all the servicing invoices for the car in order to show the car was maintained as needed over the years. As a parent is hard to have a child away at school with no vehicle assistance; having found Dave Barber's, I no longer worry about where my daughter should go for car repair assistance. Thanks for all the help! - Shauna G.

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